The standard delivery times can be affected by public holidays and force majeure events.


The standard delivery time can be affected by all Chinese public holidays and public holidays in overseas countries of the delivery address, especially subject to longer delays during Chinese New Year celebration days in the PRC and force majeure events (Application and Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions article 19). We will publish a reminder on this website before each major holiday.

Can we ship mouth masks, thermostats and the like?

Due to the entire situation surrounding the Corona Virus, our suppliers have a very limited stock of mouth masks, thermostats, filters and the like. As a result, we cannot purchase the necessary products to fulfill all orders. As a result, orders for these types of products will be placed in backorder by us and we will ship them as soon as we have available stock again. Despite this crisis, you can count on us to do our utmost to deliver your order as soon as possible.

Have you had an email asking you to pay for your order?

That's right. Prices are good today. However, for some orders, products have been sold for too low prices. The purpose of the mail is as follows:

Due to the current worldwide Corona crisis situation, demand has risen exceptionally. As a result, the purchase prices have also risen very sharply. Your order was placed in the period before the major price changes on the market. Unfortunately it is impossible for us to deliver your product at these prices today.

Vervolgens hebben we je een aanbod gedaan om bij te betalen of een ander model geleverd te krijgen. Aangezien tegenwoordig veel spam berichten worden gestuurd met vraag om te betalen willen we met deze informatie op onze website laten zien dat de mail die je gekregen hebt geen spam of pishing mail betreft.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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